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The Scottish Off Road Driving Centre is the biggest, best and most challenging 4 x 4 offroad driving course in Scotland. Our off-road driving range in Fife has a wide variety of natural and man made obstacles designed to offer challenges for every 4x4 and All Terrain Vehicle user from the complete novice to the hardened professional.

"This was the best fun I ever had with my trousers on!" Simon Fraser

Landrover fording a burnLandrover in water splashLandrover testing its centre of gravity
We specialise in off road driving and pride ourselves on having a "real" 4x4 challenge on our hill, it is great fun and requires a fair amount of driver skill. We believe in "hands on" teaching. When you arrive we depart straight onto the hill in a vehicle where you will be given a brief five minute demonstration on the basic driving techniques, after that all the driving is down to you. The instructor will start you off with a few manoeuvres to build up your confidence and improve your vehicle handling before gradually increasing the tempo and soon you'll be driving on our most challenging areas.

We offer the following offroad activities:

Please contact us with any enquiries you have. You can call us on 01337 860528, send us an e-mail or use the contact form.

Gift Vouchers

Unless otherwise stated, these action packed off-road activity gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, and can be sent by e-mail if required at short notice:

Owners 4x4 BYO School - Half Day 150.

This three hour session is aimed at the 4x4 owner who wants to learn how to get the very best out of their own vehicle offroad. We start with a guide to the vehicle and its controls followed by a thorough explanation of how the four wheel drive system works, which lasts for around 15 minutes. Then it's off for 2 hours 45 minutes of practical off road driving on our novice areas followed by some exciting and safe fun on the purpose built obstacles.

Owners can bring 3 guests in the vehicle (we have to squeeze the instructor in!) + certificate and car sticker are presented.

Extreme Muddy Experience 300...ideal if you are sharing the driving.

Our 3 hour "Extreme Muddy" 4x4 session includes very deep water, glutinous mud, mad hill climbs and heart stopping descents. This session gives you a brilliant and thoroughly comprehensive extreme offroad experience, it's great fun and as the tempo builds we will keep asking for more of your driving skills. We stop for five minutes halfway through the session for a free refreshments break and admire the outstanding views.

What's included: certificate, car sticker + 3 guests allowed.

Mad on Mud Club, adventure and thrills EVERY weekend!

Mad on Mud Club logo A fantastic gift for any 4x4 owner giving membership to the Mad on Mud Club for a year which allows you full use of all our off road driving areas. Our Club Membership gift is very popular with 4x4 owners and allows them to have a huge amount of fun with their vehicle while trying and testing it out in conditions that normal 4x4 owners never get to!

The gift also includes free entry our events as well as use of the members' clubhouse and the wash bay for cleaning their vehicle after a day playing in the mud. And they can bring along their friends to enjoy the fun!

More detailed information can be found on the club website at