The Scotoffroad Club

Our mission: "To have as much fun playing in our 4x4's as we possibly can while meeting and making new friends through the club"

The Scotoffroad Club was started in December 2001 to give 4x4 owners the opportunity to come up and drive on the off road driving areas whenever they want. One payment per year and you can use the driving areas as often as you want. This is what the Club is all about, having a 4x4 driving area available to use 365 days a year whenever you want with your own vehicle.

The Club is based at Glentarkie, 10 minutes from Kinross and Perth just off the M90.

The club has gone from strength to strength, we have been going for eighteen years now and the site has evolved hugely over that time with lots more tracks available now as the members carve them out of the wild terrain. We now have over 100 regular members using the site and have all sorts of vehicles from racing specials to brand new Jeeps. Jeep, Land Rover Defenders, Discovery, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Hilux, Shotgun and Pajero are the the most popular makes on site to name a few. 

Members also use the site to teach thier kids the basics of driving. Eddie, who teaches his daughter Charley to drive emailed me;"Thank you again for all the hard work you put into the Scotoffroad Club. Teaching Charley has been the best fun at 5mph that I have ever had. The last couple of years has been a great way for me to spend some quality time with my family, doing something completely different. Wee Charley will never forget where she learned to drive."

Visiting clubs are very welcome by arrangement and please just call Walter on 07711 217 759 to book a day. The fact that other clubs come back repeatedly shows how good our areas are!

Membership Entitlements

  • Buy Me!
  • Entry to the Off Road Driving areas whenever they wish.
  • Use of the facilities in "The Scotoffroad House".
  • Free Scotoffroad Club car sticker.
  • Entry to club events every few months.
  • Vehicles playing on site web page to show off your vehicle.
  • Vehicle storage on site, costs £50 per year and at your own risk.

All for the knockdown price of only £200 per annum.

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 16th December Club Christmas Stovies gathering at noon in the Clubhouse, please BYO drinks. Members MUST LET ME KNOW if they are attending so we can cater appropriately.
  • Sunday 17th February, Snow Bashing BBQ, this event date might move depending on the snow!

For more information, contact Walter Alexander, 07711 217 759

The Off Road Driving Sites

The hilltop wilderness at Glentarkie is well known throughout Scotland as one of the most exciting and dramatic places to use a 4x4. We have just about everything on the driving areas from seriously steep hills to mind blowing descents and very deep water. The tracks are suitable for all sorts of 4x4's from the normal road going family car to the "off road" special.

The Scotoffroad House

The clubhouse has a sitting area with magazines etc, tea/coffee facilities and a loo. The use of the clubhouse is free for our members and there will always be tea/coffee and milk available. We also have a wash bay to clean your vehicle in.

We have a small grassed area, with BBQ and picnic tables, near to the Clubhouse that can be used for overnight camping, close enough to have the use of the loo and a water supply available!

The Scotoffroad Club Safety Rules

  1. Maximum speed limit of 15 miles per hour.
  2. You must sign in at the Clubhouse before going onto the site.
  3. You must have your site map and incident plan in your vehicle.
  4. A seat belt must be worn by everyone in any vehicle at all times.
  5. You must have a mobile phone switched on, first aid kit and recovery rope with connecting shackles in your vehicle.
  6. Vehicles coming downhill have right of way, they may not be able to stop quickly.
  7. Winching and Towing safety policies must be followed, policies are on the Club notice board.
  8. When vacating your vehicle, engine switched off, engage low gear, apply the handbrake.
  9. Do not damage young trees or bushes, don't drop litter and please respect the countryside.
  10. You must obey directional arrows and note any Danger warning signs, especially NO ENTRY.
  11. Leave a minimum of ten vehicle lengths between vehicles when driving on site.
  12. Only one vehicle at a time on any obstacle, especially on an ascent or descent.
  13. Visitors must be informed of the danger, sign their risk awareness statement before entering, members must assume responsability for thier guests safety.
  14. Members cannot enter the site on their own, members must always have two people on site at any time.
  15. Please keep dogs under control and please do not harass our wildlife.
  16. Noisy exhausts or damaged/broken exhausts are not welcome, we are close to a residential area! Please keep the noise down in the car park area as well.

4X4 offroad driving at its best. An all action adventure activity that is right on the limit!

                                           Location is 10 miles south of Perth A91 off the M90 and 30 minutes drive from the Forth Road Bridge.

The Scottish Off Road Driving Centre

Glentarkie Estate, Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland, KY14 7RU.
Mobile: 07711 217759

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